How can I configure my action buttons?

How can I configure my action buttons?
We call action buttons all buttons that allow you to open and close your remote electric locks, turn on and turn off a light .. From the moment you plug an opening or lighting system in one of the 2 dry contacts available on Hi), you must activate the action buttons.
The connection is on the back of Hi) on the connectors identified Relay 1 and Relay 2.
There is no polarity constraint for the connections.

To configure them, go to Hii) settings click on " Change my action button 1"
- Drag the icons to illustrate the action button you want to appear: Bulb, fence or door ect.
- Name the contactors for ease of use (eg garage door, exterior light, secondary door ect).
- Click on the type of action: On / Off (valid to light a light) OR 1 second (to trigger opening garage door)
In the case of ON / OFF relay remains enabled until you press the button again
In the case of the 1s, it is a simple pulse of 1 second.
We advise you to choose the mode 1s for more security. You can always activate the ON / OFF for very specific cases.