Is there any extra charge to use Hi)?

The basic use of Hi) is fully included in the Basic subscription, and includes: - WiFi connection - Video streaming / Live Audio - Opening the doors remotely thanks to Hi)'s dry contacts, provided that they are connected to electric locks (not supplied by Fenotek) - Viewing visits history - Motion detection notification - Receiving photos of movements detected - Activating the camera remotely (monitoring) - Triggering the alarm remotely - Detecting theft and automatic anti-theft alarm ...

Why a color screen ?

_Why a color screen?_ _Hi) has a color screen that allows your visitor to see themselves at the same time that they talk to you. (This avoids sticking to the camera when speaking.)._ _This color screen has many benefits including:_ _- To be seen reminds your visitors they are being filmed while leaving a message (And being registered)_ _- The screen allows to facilitate the presentation of a virtual key (QR code) in front of the camera to open the door._ _- The color screen allows you to re...

Do I have to charge the battery?

Do I have to charge the battery? Hi) has no battery, it is directly connected and powered in 12V-24V AC or DC. This is meant to avoid having to disconnect Hi) each time there is a need to recharge or replace a battery.

How does Hi) work?

How does Hi) work? Hi) works either in Wi-Fi or 4G. To test the quality of your Wi-Fi connexion where you want to install Hi), please use the free Wi-Fi test available on your smartphone application. If your wireless network is not sufficient to access your Hi), for example, if your Hi) is on your gate too far from your home’s box, you can still have your intercom connected with your Hi)’s pre-installed Orange 4G Sim card. You just need to activate your Sim Card by subscribing to Fenotek’s 4G...

Is it possible to install Hi) easily without having any intercom beforehand?

Is it possible to install Hi) easily without having any intercom beforehand? Hi) can be installed easily with 4 screws and 2 power supply wires of 12 to 24V AC or DC. Please watch our installation videos available in French or instructions for more information.

Why is there a motion sensor?

Why is there a motion sensor? Hi) is equipped with an intelligent system able to detect any movement in front of your door to make sure your home is as safe as possible. In case of a detection, a photo is taken, dated, and sent by notification to all your Hi)'s users. You can choose to enable or disable this feature. If you choose to activate the function, you also have the option of defining the notification time slots, and the sensitivity of the motion sensor.

What are the dimensions of Hi) ?

What are the dimensions of Hi) ? L x W x D = 22.2 cm × 10.3 cm × 2.6 cm

Can my Hi) be robbed easily ?

Can my Hi) be robbed easily ? Hi) has 3 safety elements. 1 / First Hi) is supplied with "Torx" safety screws and a suitable key to allow Hi) to be fixed. It makes it very difficult to disassemble it by anyone who does not have this key. 2 / Hi) is equipped with an integrated sensor detecting shocks or pullout attempts. In the case of a robbery attempt, the Hi) alarm is triggered and you will receive a notification with a photo of the thief on your smartphone. This option can be disabled wit...